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Global Meetings and Incentives

Organisations need to bring employees and or clients together. We have had much experience of arranging events that work for all concerned. We understand how important it is for delegates from all your locations to be able to get to the destination easily.  We are able to propose venues in your chosen location, not just the main conference hotel, but a memorable gala dinner venue, outside dining options, authentic gastronomic and cultural experiences. sports, relaxation, team events can all be suggested.

We can suggest a complete programme in your chosen location, or we can suggest destinations which will suit your event; whether it is a retreat for the board, a global distributors conference, a sales or management incentive trip or a launch to thoroughly impress clients.

We are updating our knowledge and reviewing  global destinations on a regular basis. We are aware of which destinations are offering better value at any point in time.

We are here to give you ideas, in detailed proposals which are workable within your budgets at no cost or obligation to yourselves.

A typical programme proposal to you will include:

A fully comprehensive search of all hotels/convention centres which match your requirements.

Some creative ideas for a memorable gala dinner (if required).

We can include costings for sport and leisure options (e.g. a final afternoon of golf, a weekend of ski at the end of a an meeting, a partner programme, sightseeing, a cycling tour, a cookery demonstration, a wine tasting).

We will co-ordinate your site-inspections and when your decision is made, we will request all contracts between yourselves and the venue concerned.We will recommend a local destination management partner, with a longstanding reputation and give you cost indications for transfers and activities.

We operate on a commission only basis. There is no charge to our clients for these event support services.