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Taking your event to new places...

Markets of the future... 

We do not just find venues for events- we also identify where our clients new markets emerge and proactively seek to provide commercially viable event and exhibition location proposals in these areas. We have many examples where we have assisted clients to find venues in order to roll-out successful branded UK or European events into ever-expanding markets like China, India, Scandinavia, the Middle East and other members of the 'BRIC' and 'MINT' Countries. 

High Growth Markets:

We assist our clients with finding venues and destinations seeking new markets in developed and emerging markets, where they can next be forging clients and contracts.

We have much experience of placing our client’s events in these new markets. Hotel companies are increasingly focused on developing their properties and brands in the Cities of tomorrow and we make it our business to be aware of these developments.

New wave of emerging growth markets,focusing on global growth opportunities:

Global falls in oil and commodity prices have boosted consumer spending. Near term opportunities are favourable in areas of greatest consumer growth.

African example: a continent of a billion people 20% in the 15-24 year age group. Africa is the new battleground for hotel groups, just as the middle east was a few years ago.   

Gulf states seeing growth through diversification, sovereign wealth fund support, low or zero taxation.

China, transfering from lower value goods production to higher value and high tech products.

Counties, where economies have diversified and secured overseas investment looking strongest. Academic predictions for higher growth economies to 2010 inc. Malaysia, Poland, Philipinnes, Mexico, Chile, Bangladesh. 

Special opportunities: Cuba in process of liberalisation, Iran, Libya.    


Resource rich, increasingly wealthy cities like Baku in Azerbaijan, a cosmopolitan oil capital on the Caspian Sea, where Four Seasons opened a Beaux-Arts-style luxury hotel on the waterfront promenade in Mid-2012 – just steps from the Old City.