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Why choose Corporate Venue Solutions Ltd?

We are in our 27th year of continuous operation as a leading, specialist venue sourcing agency for some of the largest events in our market.    

Venue sourcing can be an extremely time consuming and distracting task, requiring extensive knowledge of conference centres and hotels globally in order to identify the absolute best solutions, match your technical specifications and negotiate the very best deal you can get. 

Corporate Venue Solutions Ltd. can eliminate this burden completely, leaving you to focus on your most important work.

We believe we are the most experienced agency in our field.

We have partnered many corporate clients and professional conference and exhibition organizers, for over 25 years. Our agency was established in 1996. 


Our staff have directly relevant experience and have worked in the travel industry, directly at venues and have first hand experience of an extensive number of venues in the UK and Globally. We are extremely well networked, very experienced negotiators and we produce relevant, detailed venue proposals which put your technical and commercial needs first.  

All we need is your specification. We will prepare a venue proposal with no charge and no obligation. 

Call us today on 01684 893 712 and speak to any of our team. 

Alternatively email

Detailed, accurate and relevant venue proposals

We will take a detailed brief from you, and present you with and hold space on option at all of the relevent venues.  

Fully International Venue Sourcing

We have found venues all over the world for our clients and no requirement is too challenging for us.

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